Cuttack at a Glance

Cuttack, the former capital and one of the oldest cities of Orissa is the administrative headquarters of the district. The town is situated at the apex of the delta formed by the rivers Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. It serves as a convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the district.

Places of tourist interest in Cuttack :

Stone Revetment of Cuttack : The river banks of Cuttack are protected by stone revetment, a great engineering marvel of the 11th century A.D. and a remarkable example of ancient technological skill of Orissa.

Barabati Fort : The ruins of a medieval fort with its moat and gate and the earthern mound of the nine-storeyed palace on the bank of the river Mahanadi are noteworthy. Adjacent to the fort is a modern stadium.

Temple of Cuttack Chandi : Being the shrine of the presiding deity of the city, the temple of Cuttack Chandi is normally visited by every Hindu visitor.

Quadam-i-Rasool : A sacred shrine both for the Hindus and Muslims, Quadam-i-Rasool, having a compound wall and towers at each corner has inside three mosques with beautiful domes and a Nawabat Khana (music gallery). It is an object of veneration for Hindus and Muslims alike.

Approach : By air to Bhubaneswar (Cuttack is 29 km from Bhubaneswar), road and rail.

Barabati Stadium & OCA :Initially the game of Cricket was controlled by the former Orissa Athletic Association. The Orissa Cricket Association was formed in the year 1961, which was registered under the Society Registration Act 1860. So also the Constitution of the Association was framed. Subsequently the constitution was amended in July 2002 keeping in view of the present need. The Orissa Cricket has its Head Quarter at Cuttack Babarabti Stadium Complex. It got its affiliation under the Board of Control for Cricket in India during the year 1960-61 Vide Regd. No BCCI/346/44. The Orissa Cricket Association is functioning as a State level Association as per the provisions of its constitution vested with power to control the game of Cricket through out the State of Orissa and to do all such acts as deemed necessary to attend to the Aim & Objects of the Association.

It has got its General Assembly composed of representative of all affiliated organizations (such as District units, Clubs, Colleges, Schools and the Government / Other agencies). Then comes Executive Council consists of elected office bearers, member representatives of the affiliated units. Secretary being the Executive Head with three Jt. Secretaries and one Treasurer. Besides there are 217 numbers of Associate members (without voting rights). The Association has got 148 State Pannel Umpires and 1 BCCI Panel Umpire

Handicrafts of the Region: For shopping and souvenirs, Cuttack is one of the best places in Orissa. The famous silver filigree works with intricate interwoven wires, horn and brass products, tie and dye textiles of Maniabandha and Sambalpur, applique works of Pipli in exquisite cloth designs and the stone works of Puri are preferred most by the tourists.

Fairs and Festivals of the region:

Fairs / Festivals Place Period
Durga Puja Cuttack September - October
Bali Jatra Cuttack November - December
Places around Cuttack:
Ansupa Bhattarika Chhatia
Chandikhol Choudwar Dhabaleswar
Jajpur Kendrapara Naraj
Niali-Madhava Paradeep Patharajpur


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